We Are A Non-Profit That Brings Hope and Joy to Hospitalized Children All Over The World
Volunteers create handicraft donations which we distribute to hospitalized children all over the world. The creator as well as the recipient child, even though they will never meet, will share a special bond of compassion, love, confidence, courage and optimism that crosses all cultures and countries.
Chulalongkorn University Hospital, Thailand
The Story Behind Our Non‑Profit
Arts For Little Hearts was started by 2 brothers, Tyler and Colin Michna when they were 14 and 12 years old. During Tyler’s hospitalization, both brothers witnessed first-hand the fear, loneliness and sorrow that hospitalized children experience. When children receive handicraft donations, they feel hope and joy in accepting them, knowing that a stranger on the other side of the world believes in them.
Tyler and Colin, Co-Founders, in 2016
Your Artwork Can Give Hope and Courage to A Hospitalized Child
Co-Founders Tyler and Colin Michna at Chulalongkorn University Hospital, Thailand
Co-Founder Colin Michna at Red Cross Children's Hospital in Capetown, South Africa.
Co-Founder Tyler Michna at Qingdao Women and Children's Hospital in China.
Non-Profit Partners
Our non-profit partnerships spread Arts For Little Hearts around the world through workshops, information sessions, distribution of donations and promotion. Click here to see the list of our non-profit partners.
Smile Train children at Affiliated hospital in Chennai, India
Co-Founder Colin Michna ran a virtual workshop during Covid for Project Giving Kids. Children created origami hearts together. Origami hearts were created and mailed to Arts For Little Hearts. These hearts have been distributed all over the world.
Corporate Partners
Corporations and Businesses of any size partner with us to provide craft supplies, financial support and social media promotion through fun craft challenges and informational videos. Arts For Little Hearts can create promotional videos for any social platform and any partnership. Click here to see the list of our corporate partners.
Our Volunteers Are All Over The World
Anyone can create a small piece of art. Volunteers can be individuals and groups and have included schools, classrooms, community service organizations, universities and inspired individuals.

Are you a volunteer that would like to become involved?

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School children at Be School, Vigevano, Italy
All Handcraft Donations Are Accepted
CLICK HERE to see our sample donations.

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Handicraft supplies and funds for supplies and postage of donations are appreciated.
We are a non-profit which uses art to unite volunteers to bring hope, inspiration, joy and courage to hospitalized children worldwide.
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