Arts For Little Hearts is a volunteer, non-profit charity organization founded by Tyler and Colin when they were 12 and 14 years old. The goal is to have adolescents, children and even the elderly, create handmade craft items for distribution to hospitalized children in countries all over the world. Each craft is accompanied by a personalized card. The volunteers can be individuals, groups, institutions, schools, Keyclubs, art classes, boys and girl scouts, after-school programs, volunteer organizations, retirement homes, elderly organizaitons and community services groups...... all are invited and welcome to participate.

Any craft will be accepted and appreciated. Ideas have included paintings, drawings, poems, small lego creations, hand-sewn stuffed and decorated felt hearts and origami creations. Use your imagination! Any craft will be a welcome gift to a child in hospital! Arts for Little Hearts can help provide the ideas and, in some circumstances, the materials needed. Collaborate with art teachers, parents, community service organizations and community leaders as a first step for ideas.

Reach out to Colin and Tyler at ArtsForLittleHearts@yahoo.com for ideas and support in getting your Arts for Little Hearts project started! Please see the list of Participating Hospitals to appreciate all the children all over the world who are waiting for you to CREATE! Arts for Little Hearts knows that when a volunteer creates something special for a hospitalized child that he/she may never meet, the creater and receiver will share a special bond of compassion, love, confidence, courage and optimism that crosses all cultures and countries.
We are a non-profit which uses art to unite volunteers to bring hope, inspiration, joy and courage to hospitalized children worldwide.
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