Anyone can become involved. Bring an open heart and your artistic spirit and creativity ! Arts For Little Hearts can be for individuals, groups, societies and organizations (see Volunteers). Any creation, big or small, will be appreciated. Arts For Little Hearts will arrange the pick-up of the craft donations and in most cases, will try to personally deliver them on-site to each child in one of the participating 13 hospitals in 9 countries (see Participating Hospitals). See Photo Gallery for some ideas for small and large crafts (done as individuals or as a group). Create a mural as a group ! Draw a painting or picture as an individual. Write a small poem or story about life in the United States. BE CREATIVE! A popular craft to create and receive is the felt hearts, two decorated pieces or heart cut-outs sewed or glued together and filled with stuffing (see Photo Gallery). Please contact Tyler and Colin at for ideas! In some cases, Arts For Little Hearts can provide the materials and inspiration! Each craft should be accompanied by a personalized Arts For Little Hearts card (see Promotional flyers and personalized cards for print). This card is the creators opportunity to share well-wishes, inspiration and even a little bit about himself/herself to the receiving child. Girl/Boy Scouts, Homeless shelters, community service organizations (elementary, middle, high school and university), art classes, schools, retirement homes for the elderly, elderly organizations, Alzheimer's and Dementia groups are just some examples of the Arts For Little Hearts volunteers. Promotional flyers to advertise your Arts For Little Hearts event are available for print (see Promotional flyers and personalized cards for print).

All volunteers can be listed (with their approval) in the Volunteer click-thru and any accompanying photos of events are welcome and will be posted in Photo Gallery (see Photo Gallery).